Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Korean Freelance Linguist, 2016–2017
Korean Interpreter, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, 2012–2016
Lead Korean Linguist, LinkedIn, 2011–2012
Lead Korean Linguist, CISCO, 2009–2011

Chief Creative Officer

Executive Producer, KBS Perfume, MBC Bad Papa, Twinkle Twinkle, TV Chosun Operation Proposal & Producer, SBS Three Days, Phantom, Hoga Entertainment, 2010–Current
Producer, SBS You're Beautiful, Market Insight Inc., 2009–2010. Producer, SBS Cain and Abel, KBS Love Marriage, Plan B Pictures, 2007–2009

Chief Financial Officer

Korean Head Writer

Jardín was born to be an writer; her repertoire includes staff reporter positions at both Cine21 and Samtoh, continuing onward to editor-in-chief positions with a focus on cinema. Jardín brings her extensive experience with the Korean Film Council and other film-centered organizations to our writing team.

KO Editorial Coordinator and Senior Writer

Mandy’s professional experience includes both writing and editing. After over five years as an editor for The Musical, she became a guest writer for Culture Space. Now she completes our team as a senior writer and editorial coordinator.

KO Writer

When Hugo isn’t lecturing at Gachon and Jeonju universities, he produces and directs documentary films. Hugo’s film credits include Drifting City and The Grocery. With knowledge of both the film process and film writing, Hugo’s creative writing style is a welcome supplement to our expert writing team.

KO Senior Writer

Rossa is a script writer with over 18 years of experience. She has worked for various networks, including SBS, KBS, MBC, OtvN and TV Chosun. As a previous writer for shows such as Challenge Quiz Queen and Secret Brunch, Rossa’s talents and experiences fit perfectly with our writing team.

KO Writer

Emma has been working in the film industry for over 15 years. First as a director’s assistant to screenwriter, for A Man and A Woman.

KO Writer

Esther is the playwright on our team. Her published works include Victor the Fool and The House of Two Women, but her talents don’t stop at the stage. Esther was also an animation producer with Dalgona Entertainment before joining our team of writers.

KO Copy Editor

Eunice has been evolving her editorial skills since the early 2000s. Originally an editorial manager for both KCBS Inc. and Sallim Publishing Co., Eunice eventually became chief sub-editor at Book 21. Her substantial career complements our writing team and their myriad of abilities.

Senior Language Expert

Jenny is a graduate of Hankuk University with over 15 years of experience as a translator and interpreter. After working in various fields, she turned her focus to the film industry, lending her talents to the Gwangju Biennale, the Busan International Film Festival and the Jeonju International Film Festival. As Senior Linguist, Jenny brings her film-focused language skills to our writing team as well as her poignant sense of humor.

KO Senior Language Expert and Project Coordinator

Ollie worked as a staff reporter for The Korea Times for seven years before turning those writing skills to the world of translation. As a former localization specialist, Ollie continues to utilize this niche skill set as a Korean to English linguist and terminologist.

KO Language Expert and Project Coordinator

Rhody became an expert in English language as a researcher and reporter at Solborn. Her professional research expertise brought her to The Princeton Review Korea as a content developer and editor. As a former senior research manager for Pagoda Academy, Rhody brings a well-versed language research technique to our team.

Language Expert

As a doctor of Asian Philosophy from Seoul National University, it’s no surprise that Keegan has a published translation of the Hundred Teachings of Baekgyo Hoetong. Other published works include pieces in Lonely Planet travel magazine and Kits the Street Cat, a webtoon by Floating Island Studios. Keegan brings flavors from both the past and the present to our writing team.

Language Expert

KS is a former strategic planner turned translator. Before translating classical history from Korean to English, KS worked with the McCann Erickson Worldgroup as their planning director. As a linguist, KS assists the writing team with language localization.

English Head Writer

Award-winning book designer & editor. Contributing writer to Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, The Comics Journal, Maximum RockNRoll and many others. Independent filmmaker and producer.

EN Writer & Copyeditor

Eisner Award-winning graphic novelist. Cartoonist for The New Yorker, The Guardian, The Stranger, The Nib and the Los Angeles Review of Books

EN Writer & SEO Specialist

EN Writer

Veteran writer and graphic novelist. Extensive experience in sports and feature writing.

EN Writer

Print and screen writer. Experienced indie developer, producer and director.

TH Writer, Terminologist & Project Coordinator