Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Korean Freelance Linguist, 2016–2017
Korean Interpreter, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, 2012–2016
Lead Korean Linguist, LinkedIn, 2011–2012
Lead Korean Linguist, CISCO, 2009–2011

Chief Creative Officer

Executive Producer, KBS "Perfume", MBC "Bad Papa", "Twinkle Twinkle", TV Chosun "Operation Proposal" & Producer, SBS "Three Days", "Phantom", Hoga Entertainment, 2010–Current
Producer, SBS "You're Beautiful", Market Insight Inc., 2009–2010
Producer, SBS "Cain and Abel", KBS "Love Marriage", Plan B Pictures, 2007–2009

Chief Financial Officer

Consumer Insights & Intelligence Director

Lead Market Researcher

Senior Linguist


Translator, Harmonizing the Hundred Teachings 百敎會通 백교회통 by Yi Neunghwa, KO/ZH>EN, 2017
Translator, Lonely Planet Best of Athens by Victoria Kyriakopoulos, EN>KO, 2004

Senior Linguist

Senior Linguist

Senior Linguist

Senior Linguist

KO<>EN Linguist & Terminologist

KO<>EN Language Expert

KO<>ZH Linguist

ID Language Expert

Head Writer

Award winning book designer & editor.

EN Writer & Copyeditor

Eisner Award-winning author of The Contradictions
Cartoonist for The New Yorker, The Guardian, The Stranger, The Nib and the Los Angeles Review of Books

Writer, Terminologist, Project Coordinator

Lead Phonetics Researcher

Phonetics Researcher

Lead KO Terminologist


Terminologist & Security Coordinator

East Asia Regional Resource Manager

Lead KO Project Manager

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Editorial Coordinator

Translator, Lonesome You by Park Wan Suh, Dalkey Archive Press 2013

Lead US Project Manager and Resource Coordinator

IT Architect & Project Coordinator

Localization Project Management Expert

Design & Branding Lead

KO>EN Museum Content Specialist

Art Project Lead

Art Project Consultant

Lead People & Culture Manager

People & Culture Manager

Office Manager & Accounting Generalist

Strategy Consultant